XY Slide Table

Design-Tek, Inc. designs custom x, y, z slide tables that conform to customer requirements. There are multiple guide types, and drives can be lead screw, ball screw, belt or cable. Sizes can range from miniature or as large as needed.

PD Series Planetary size 17 gearhead

Linear Slides - ML Series

  • Low profile rail design
  • Low maintenance
  • Self lubrication slide table
  • High resitance to dirt and dust
  • Corrosion resistant slide table
  • Lightweight due to aluminum & poluymer combination
  • Very high speed and acceleration possible
  • Anodized aluminum rails
  • Stainless steel screw - Choice of lead & nut materials
  • Flex coupling at lead scrw to motor connections
  • Step motor

Optional Features

  • Encoder on rear of step motor
  • Encoder on end of lead screw
  • Servo motors